CMD Endeavors, Inc.
Client Type

Federal Government

Project Type

Gravity Sewer Main

Contract Type

General Contractor

Delivery Method

Successful Bidder

  • 5,000-LF of 36-Inch & 24-Inch Mainline
  • 625-LF of 54-Inch Tunnel Bore (UPRR)
  • 30-VF Excavation near TXDOT ROW
  • First Polymer Concrete Manholes
  • 36-Inch Concrete Diversion Structure
  • Major Bypass Pumping Operations
  • Groundwater Dewatering Operation
The US-54 Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Phase I Improvements Project was a time sensitive project required to replace an existing 15-Inch Clay Pipe System that was failing on the Fort Bliss Military Base located in El Paso, Texas. CMD was awarded the invitation-only project by Fort Bliss Water Services Company (FBW) as the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. The project consisted of 5,000-LF of 36-Inch & 24-Inch Gravity Sewer Main Installation within Existing Development and 625-LF of 54-Inch Tunnel Bore Under US-54 (TXDOT) and Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) Right-Of-Ways. CMD installed Sewer Main and Manholes up to 30-VF in Depth and installed the first ever Polymer Concrete Manholes on Fort Bliss. The project required extensive Bypass Pumping Operations to construct a 16×16 Concrete Diversion Structure for a 36-Inch HOBAS Sewer Main, the primary flow out of Fort Bliss. This also required a Groundwater Dewatering Operation to complete the structure nearly 20-VF down outside the Pershing Gate. Although this Project included several challenges such as time sensitive schedules, existing failing systems, permit delays, coordination with multiple agencies, and significant delays due to a concrete mass obstruction encountered under US-54 during tunnel bore operations (which tested everyone’s last resolve); CMD Endeavors, Inc. was still able to successfully completed this project for the Owner. We look forward to working with Fort Bliss Water once again. Their leadership on this challenging project was critical to its overall final success.