Pebble Hills Blvd Street Extension

CMD Endeavors, Inc.
Client Type

City Municipality

Project Type

Street Extension

Contract Type

General Contractor

Delivery Method

Successful Bidder

  • Connection of New Arterial Roadway
  • First Green Bike Path Installed in El Paso
  • 13,947-SY of 8-Inch Concrete Pavement
  • 48-Inch Auger Bore Under TXDOT ROW
  • 24-Inch Transmission Main & Valves
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Medians, & Curbs
  • All Electrical, Illumination, & Landscaping
Pebble Hills Boulevard Extension Street & Drainage Improvements was a critical new arterial roadway connection for East El Paso. The purpose of the project for the City of El Paso was to provide the final connection to allow traffic from Zaragoza Road to Loop 375 Joe Battle along Pebble Hills. Previously this section had been incomplete for many years, preventing the Eastside of El Paso from accessing major thoroughfares. The proposed improvements allowed access to already paved sections of Pebble Hills Boulevard. The project consisted of New Arterial Roadway, the First Green-Marked Bike Path in El Paso, approximately 13,947-SY of 8-Inch Concrete Pavement with New Monolithic Curb, Earthwork Excavation, Subgrade Preparation, and Base Course Placement, 24-Inch & 16-Inch Transmission Mains, 48-Inch Auger Bore Under TXDOT Right-Of-Way, New Water & Sewer Main Upgrades, Connections to Existing Systems, and Upgraded Storm Drainage Improvements. All Electrical, Illumination, Landscaping, and Roadway Markings as well. It was a complete turn-key extension of a vital arterial roadway for East El Paso. Project included challenges such as real-time design firm changes, coordination with utility providers, and managing existing traffic flows. However, CMD was still able to completed the project on-time and on-budget for the Owner. We were honored and grateful to help our industry and community grow by being a part of this successful project for the City of El Paso.