Northeast Franklin 24-Inch Waterline

CMD Endeavors, Inc.
Client Type

Public Municipality

Project Type

Transmission Water Main

Contract Type

General Contractor

Delivery Method

Overall Best Value

  • 17,000-LF of 24-Inch Transmission Main
  • 36×24 Tapping Sleeve & Valve Connection
  • 24-Inch Butterfly Valves & Valve Vault
  • 3-Inch Combination Air Release Valves
  • Blow-Off Valves & Precast Manhole
  • 2,500-SY of Asphalt Replacement
  • Cathodic Protection, Trench Safety
The Northeast Franklin 24-Inch Waterline Project is a Potable Water Transmission Main for the City of El Paso, El Paso Water Utilities (EPWater). This project was required to provide water to future development in the Northeast of El Paso, Texas starting near Sean Haggerty and continuing along US-54 Highway. CMD was awarded the project by EPWater as the most qualified, lowest responsive, responsible bidder. The project consisted of 17,000-LF of 24-Inch Water Transmission Main Installation, 36×24 Hot-Tapping Sleeve & Valve Connection on Existing 36-Inch Waterline, 24-Inch Butterfly Valves, Valve Vaults, Blow-Off Valves, 3-Inch Combination Air Release Vacuum Valves (CARVs), Cathodic Protection, Traffic Control Measures, Trench Safety System, Storm Water Plan, and Silt Fence Installation. CMD was awarded one of the first phases of this multiphase project by EPWater to provide water for future development in Northeast El Paso. CMD has since successfully completed three more phases of this work for EPWater.